Photoshop Tutorial – Transparency effect

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Photoshop Tutorial: THANKS FOR WATCHING^^ sub.PLS Music: Ludovico Einaudi

Guarda il video tutorial in Italiano su youtube: Photoshop Tutorial – Transparency effect

video photoshop

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  • ClickiOK said:

    @Jailbroken671 Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera

  • Jailbroken671 said:

    what’s the name of this song?

  • risendreams said:

    thats very nice :) good tutorial

  • 7777tewik said:

    nice nice

  • CCCministries said:

    you are good, thanks for sharing…

  • shellybabylove said:

    i love ds


    very lovely thanks

  • squares748 said:

    Nice work.

  • ClickiOK said:

    @krishnankuta camtasia studio, HD (youtube) format (i think is 1280x720p)

  • ClickiOK said:

    @krishnankuta i dnt remember the name of tool…its like “zoom desktop” just search in google

  • ClickiOK said:

    @krishnankuta camtasia

  • krishnankuta said:

    &my 3rd question how to add those black boxes lyk u hav added in ur tutorial vid…

  • krishnankuta said:

    &my 2nd question how to zoom in & out of a particular field or section u wana zoom?

  • krishnankuta said:

    u know wht buddy….u showed us the right video ppl lyk me r looking for!! Thnks!! & i wana know which screen capture software ru using for this vid….its so clear &sharp wht’s the video format u use to save it &which encoding options u r using?pls rply

  • ClickiOK said:

    @ogg66o :)

  • ogg66o said:

    I’ve just been to an international exhibition in Scotland with a section on montages and manipulated images. Thanks to your tutorial I can have a try at this myself. Thanks and well done.

  • ClickiOK said:

    @MasjuanaMardandana :)

  • MasjuanaMardandana said:

    All your tutorials are awesome~~~~ thank you for doing this! Very clear instruction and easy to follow~~~

  • ClickiOK said:

    @DarkAngelx9999 in “layers” set your opacity of your level^^

  • DarkAngelx9999 said:

    nice… it really help ^^… oh and how do u make a background to transparent?

  • faridpk22 said:

    good tutorial

  • cwarona said:

    For one thing, you know Good music, and your work is good too. Take care!

  • ClickiOK said:

    @trangmle007 you too :) ty

  • trangmle007 said:

    Hi ClickiOK!
    You did very good job! Keep on it! You don’t need to talk just write down the commands to show how to do it. Again very good job. Good luck to your life.

  • merirouge said:

    @ClickiOK Ok, pazienza. Comunque grazie per la tua gentile risposta.

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